What are some science fiction novels that you would recommend to your followers?

Aw man I’m so afraid to leave stuff out. I will gladly answer… and I think later I’ll do a major list of books that I personally recommend. It’s hard for me to think of things because all of my books are in boxes and stuffed away in the closet because we don’t have room in our new apartment for my massive Science Fiction collection. But, here it goes:

1. Dune/The Children of Dune/Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert

An amazing trilogy. I think this is a good series for hardcore Fantasy fans to get into, especially if you’re into Game of Thrones. It’s very much about family, duty, honor, and ruling the universe (kingdom).

2. Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis

This is the first book of C.S. Lewis’ famous The Space Trilogy (It’s really called that). I haven’t read the third one, That Hideous Strength, and I thought the second, Perelandria was a little boring. But Out of the Silent Planet is so wonderful and fun to read.

3. Surfing Samurai Robots by Mel Gilden

Mel Gilden is primarily known for writing Star Trek novels. S.S.R. is also part of a trilogy. I stumbled on the first book accidentally. The binding was shiny so I pulled it from the shelf; the cover was cool, and it was only a dollar so what did I have to lose? Absolutely nothing! The book is super cheesy but also a super fun read. For fans of retro 80’s and old pulp/noir.

4. The Other Side of the Sky by Arthur C. Clarke

This is a short story collection and it’s brilliant.

5. The Deep Range by Arthur C. Clarke

I think this is Clarke’s masterpiece. It’s a perfect mix of Science Fiction and Oceanography. Clarke was an avid diver himself, and even discovered under water ruins of the Koneswaram Temple. Screw James Cameron and his little deep sea dives, The Deep Range is the ultimate deep sea dive.

6. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow

Science Fiction set in the Magic Kingdom, what more do you need? One of my all time favorite books; plus Cory Doctorow’s just an awesome person.

7. Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

The greatest Cyberpunk book out there.

8. Virtual Light by William Gibson

Now, I say that Snow Crash is the greatest Cyberpunk book out there; but this one is my favorite. It’s also my favorite Gibson book as well… maybe because it was the first Gibson book I read and the first Cyberpunk book I read. Seriously changed my life and reading habits forever.

9. The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov

Man this book is so good. Also part of a trilogy, and part of the much larger robot books and the Foundation series. This is just a good and fun crime novel. I especially recommend Asimov to the causal reader because his books are fairly easy to read; he has a nice and simple writing style.

10. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick

This book made me cry. The only one to ever do so. I’d have to say it’s better than it’s film as well (Blade Runner)… not by much though.

11. Nova by Samuel R. Delany

This is a book that everytime I think about it I’m like, “Man that book was soooo fucking good!” Samuel R. Delany was a poet and it shows very much in the writing style of this novel, and can make it hard to follow for casual readers. But it’s just a wonderful Science Fiction book, one of the best. It’s also a precursor to the Cyberpunk genre and was a huge inspiration to William Gibson. And oddly enough, I think fans of Firefly/Serenity would really dig it… mostly because it’s about a ragtag group of people on a ship and their reckless captain.