What’s the most trustworthy place to sell stuff online?


I don’t like the idea of people having my Social Security Number.  I also don’t like the ugly small profit margins on some sites.

What’s probably the most secure way to sell art and crafty things?

I had really good success on Etsy til Paramount shut me down for selling my Star Trek art; then my shop just kinda died… My stuff sells moderately on Society 6, where I make about 20-40 dollars extra a month, which is awesome when your a college student. I’ve had pretty great success on RedBubble selling shirts… even more so than I’ve had selling my stuff on those 24 hour t-shirt sites. Society 6 and RedBubble are great sites to throw your stuff on, promote it a couple times, and sit on your ass and let someone else do the work while you take in a percentage.

I’ve never had to give my social to any one of those sites and if you ever have to give your social to a site like that… NOPE, I wouldn’t do it.

There is also WePay, which is basically Etsy and PayPal put into one thing. But it doesn’t function like Etsy so you have to do all the promotion yourself, you can’t rely on tags and search engines to help people find your stuff on there.

Etsy’s good because it has social media aspects (more or less) built into it. So do RedBubble and Society 6. Those are the places I like to sell. Society 6 you set your prices so you can set up the margins yourself, I make between 8-10 dollars per print, which is about a dollar less than what I make selling my own prints through Etsy. RedBubble you don’t set the prices, but as long as you have prints or t-shirts that people are willing to pony up the money for, and if you sell decently, than you can make a good profit while only making 4-5 dollars a sale.

Honestly, your best bet is to sign up for all three of those. Spread yourself thin when selling your work. And at least on two of those sites you don’t have to worry about packaging, shipping, or customer service.